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With forces both natural and magical sworn to keep them apart can this couple find their happily ever after? Only the Universe knows the outcome but then again…Fate Will Not Be Denied… This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. Life has never been easy for Dr. Samantha Malone especially since the day all those years ago that her family was taken in a tragic car accident. Now at almost twenty-nine years old and an aspiring surgeon, she is faced with putting her life back together once again after being kidnapped and left for dead.

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Had it not been for six feet two inches of walking muscle in ripped jeans and worn cowboy boots with crystal blue eyes and a cheeky grin that made her wonder what he was up to, she might never have seen the light of day. All these months later she knows he protects her from the shadows, never far but never seen.

What does he know that she does not? He protects her always unseen but never far, making sure the ones that dared to hurt her do not come back while he waits for the time when he can claim her as his own. Fear is not something the fierce Dragon Guardsman is used to feeling but it is something he has become accustomed to over the last seven months. Fear that he will not catch the traitor and his cohorts before they hurt those he cares most deeply for.

Fear that he will not be able to protect the one the Universe made especially for him. Fear that he is not what Samantha needs but then…. Lance has spent his long life cracking jokes and making fun of his brethren as each succumbed to the sappiness of everlasting love with the one that completes them like no other.

Now the Universe is the one laughing and his fellow Guardsmen are the ones making jokes as the mating call of his kin and his dragon push him headlong towards the one that will bring light to his soul in this life and the next. He can no longer deny that he is meant to spend the rest of his many years with Sam but his obligation to eliminate any threats to her life must come first…right?

For the Guardsman who has hot-dogged his way through one hundred and twelve years, one brown-eyed curly-headed doctor will make him rethink everything he ever knew. Fate will not be denied.

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Kyra St. Croix is a strong, feisty, independent woman who is not afraid to tell speak her mind. Since joining the Golden Fire Clan, he has been proud to watch all whom he calls brethren become fierce warriors, ever faithful to eradicating those that would destroy all they hold dear. Unfortunately, Royce is learning that Hope can be fickle and the Universe has a sick sense of humor, especially when they have made his Destiny in the form of a five-foot two-inch bundle of powerful Earth witch named Kyra St. Two souls…destined for a Great Love decreed by Fate.

Can they defeat an evil with no conscience, only the desire for vengeance? Saved By Her Dragon. His father was one of the fiercest Guardsmen in history and his mother, a very talented and highly respected Healer. That, along with his complete trust in Destiny, may be all that saves the One the Universe made for him. Devon has the strength and knowledge she will need in the coming days.

Together, they just may be the key to saving Dragon kin.

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All they have to do is defeat the traitor…but that means they have to find him first. Only Fo r Her Dragon. There Are No Coincidences The last bachelor in a Force of elite Dragon Guardsmen, Aaron O'Brien decided long ago that single was the only way to be. Mates and children and happily ever after were for his brethren. He alone has accepted the responsibility of stopping the traitor and restoring peace to his clan.

Unfortunately, Fate didn't get the message. Intelligent, determined, and levelheaded, Dr. Charlene Gallagher has always found comfort in logic and reason. When the inexplicable jumps up and smacks her in the face, will Charlie cling to her old beliefs or let go and find answers in the one man that clouds her judgment and ignites her passion? The fight will be real. It will take compromise and a love created by the Universe. Only Charlie can take the leap of faith, and only for her dragon There Are No Coincidences….

Given a fairy tale life by the clan of dragon shifters that rescued her as a little girl, Emma Sinclair long ago accepted she might never solve the mystery of her heritage. And before the unthinkable happened… he called to her in the language of his kin.

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Captured by his brothers. Imprisoned in a cave. Bound in silver chains. Andrew knew his days were numbered. He accepted his fate. Knew he was getting what he deserved. Hallucinations of his long dead parents were his only solace in the debris of a wasted life.

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Then the daffodils entered his prison. The fragrance stirred visions of expressive brown eyes, a smile that rivaled the sun and a voice that was a balm to his tattered soul. He clung to the memory of her. She became his lifeline…his only hope of survival….

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Fate Will Not Be Denied…. One doomed dragon. One very special woman. One destiny no one could have predicted. Will they save dragon kin or destroy it?

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Then add a coven of demon-raising wizards and a Fate that will not be denied? The perfect recipe for sizzling romance, spine-tingling intrigue, sword swinging action and swoon-worthy love. Enter the world of the Dragon Guard…Forever be changed. Her Dragon's Soul. Who was he kidding? There was no way this was going to end well for anyone involved. Oh great!

Just another day in paradise. Trapped for almost a century. No chance of escape. All hope was lost and then he felt Not even the Universe has the answers and time is running out The Fate of her dragon may be the death of them all! Take one snowbound dragon, combine with one Christmas Angel, throw in a healthy dose of an attraction only the Universe could have conjured and top with the largest blizzard in a hundred years.

Now sit back and enjoy the show! This one's gonna be a bumpy ride! Her Dragon, His Demon. Her Dragon is strong and loyal, a leader among his kin. He makes her feel things she never thought possible and…he is her only hope for survival. His Demon is beautiful and alluring, the other half of his soul. She is the One the Universe made for him and… she is his only hope for eternal love.

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Resurrecting Her Dragon. The past is never just the past especially when it haunts your every thought and turns your dreams to nightmares. Forgiveness is the only path to peace. Unfortunately, that route is filled with the faces of the dead. The dove brings love, peace and protection to the world. If only he would let her. A love created by the Universe was supposed to be enough. Their happily ever after had been woven in the fabric of time, but that was before the years of guilt and shame ate away at the heart of the man and his beast.

One Grand Priestess, the most magical witch of her time, the leader of her kind, and a survivor of torture. Two powerful beings, blessed by the Goddess, destined by the Universe… a couple unlike any other.