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Animation Action Adventure. How to Train Your Dragon Ralph Breaks the Internet Animation Adventure Comedy. Stars: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot. Incredibles 2 Stars: Craig T.

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Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell. Moana I Big Hero 6 Cars Animation Comedy Family. Kung Fu Panda 3 Zootopia Kung Fu Panda 2 Kung Fu Panda Action Adventure Comedy. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jay Baruchel Hiccup voice America Ferrera Astrid voice F. Murray Abraham Grimmel voice Cate Blanchett Valka voice Gerard Butler Stoick voice Craig Ferguson Gobber voice Jonah Hill Snotlout voice Christopher Mintz-Plasse Fishlegs voice Kristen Wiig Ruffnut voice Kit Harington Eret voice Justin Rupple Tuffnut voice Robin Atkin Downes Ack voice Kieron Elliott Hoark voice Julia Emelin Griselda the Grevious voice Gideon Emery Edit Storyline As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia, Toothless' discovery of an untamed, elusive mate draws the Night Fury away.

Taglines: Fly on your own. Find your way home. Country: USA Japan. Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third and his undersized dragon Toothless save all the Vikings on their island with their quick thinking and skill at speaking Dragonese. Read our review of How to Train Your Dragon. A wonderful treasure trove of dragon information, covering different species, habitats and life-cycles, as well as useful spells and charms. Stunningly illustrated, the book blends real history and science with mythology in a truly bewitching way.

Adventurine the young dragon is impatient to start exploring, ignoring her family's warnings. An encounter with a food mage and a taste of enchanted hot chocolate later, and Adventurine is transformed into a girl, one who must survive in the human world. A hymn to friendship and chocolate and following your passions - it's impossible not to fall in love with this story. I adored this fresh and funny fairytale. The main characters include Xan, a wise old witch; Glerk, the swamp monster; and Fyrian the Perfectly Tiny Dragon; as well as the unforgettable protagonist, Luna.

A big-hearted, magical, middle-grade novel that has won a rare place on my 'favourite books' shelf. My youngest daughter's copy of Dragon Rider is falling apart, its pages tattered and falling out. Only her most beloved and re-read books get this treatment! This is the story of Firedrake, a silver dragon; his friend Sorrel, the brownie; and a boy called Ben, who work together with a whole cast of magical creatures to defeat the wicked golden dragon Nettlebrand. Read our review of Dragon Rider.

Jaxon's mother leaves him with an eccentric old lady called Ma while she goes to fight an eviction notice, but Jax's day does not go as expected. He soon discovers that Ma is actually a witch, on a mission to save three dragons and return them to a magic realm. Full of friendship and family surprises, I loved this magical, world-hopping story, with its contemporary urban setting and diverse cast of characters. Ursula Le Guin's words conjure a dragon in terrifyingly convincing detail.

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Powerful and majestic, there is nothing cosy or tame here. The dragon Kalessin is ancient and knowing, armoured and fierce: a formidable ally, rather than a close friend. Shouting, smoke bombs, people tackled to the ground. In the chaos Sima loses her parents. Dad told her to run, so she does, hiding in a school and triggering a lockdown. A boy, Dan, finds her hiding in the toilet block. What should he do? Help her? Dob her in? She's breaking the law, but is it right to lock kids up?

And if he helps, should Sima trust him? Or run? This moment, these decisions, will change the course of their lives.

Devil danger Sam Fox is on a skiing trip in Tasmania when a baby plummets out of a cable car overhead. The baby is Crown Prince Thomas, the four month old son of European Princess Monica, and the fall results from a bungled kidnap attempt.

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Before he knows it, Sam is on the run from kidnappers and avoiding avalanches and explosions to keep the young Crown Prince alive. Dexter: the courageous koala Ashley has been longing for a pet of her own but her plans for a puppy fall through. Instead, her parents send Ashley on a holiday to her eccentric Aunt Micky.

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There, Ashley saves an injured mother koala and her joey Dexter. When a storm cuts off the only access road to the vet, Ashley must find the courage to find another way to safety. Diablo's doom Do you have the courage to be a ranger in danger? You're going to Africa as a ranger in training and you can't wait! Rampaging elephants, charging rhinos, and hungry man-eating crocodiles!

Is Diablo the evil poacher? Can you stop him? Read on if you dare! You the reader decide your destiny with over 20 possible endings. Written in conjunction with real wild life ranger Sean Willmore.

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Diamond horse, The A priceless diamond necklace holds a secret- the stories of two different girls. Anna Orlov lives in a beautiful snowbound palace, home to a menagerie of wonderful animals: tigers, wolfhounds and horses, but also her cruel brother Ivan. So when Anna defies her father's wishes she has no idea of the dangers to come. Soon Anna, her tiger and her horse will be fighting for survival in the frozen wilds. Valentina is a circus performer with a very special horse and big dreams. A girl who sees beyond the bright lights of the big top.

A horse with an incredible future Diamond spirit At the start of the summer holidays, the unthinkable happens when Jess's beloved pony, Diamond, has a terrible accident. She blames her best friend for the pony's accident and Jess feels she's now lost two good friends. Diamond Spirit series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Diary of a 6th grade ninja It's my first day at a new school and the only person I know is my cousin, Zoe but she might be a little too cool for me. I was just another scrawny kid until a group of ninjas recruited me into their clan. It was a world of trouble I wasn't prepared for. This diary is a warning: the life of a ninja is dangerous, scary My name is Chase Cooper, and I'm a 6th grade ninja.

Diary of a 6th grade ninja series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Diary of a 6th grade ninja: A game of chase Rival ninja clans, pirate overlords and now a sneaky evil genius - at my school, things don't stay quiet for long The science fair is coming up, and things are going smoothly - until some supervillain starts stealing science projects and destroying them.

Oh, and leaving me anonymous notes and trying to frame me. It's going to be a long week. Diary of a 6th grade ninja: Buchanan bandits As always, there's trouble brewing in the school halls, and you'll never guess who wants to team up with me There's a thieving bandit on the loose, and as each day passes, his list of victims grows. Zoe says I should stay out of it Diary of a 6th grade ninja: My worst frenemy Wyatt and I have made a deal - if I help him get his ninja clan back then he'll leave me alone forever.

So this week, Wyatt and I are building a robot together for a school competition while we figure out how he can win back the red ninjas. I know it sounds like a bad idea, but Wyatt's changed! Well, I think he has Diary of a 6th grade ninja: Pirate invasion Continuing the havoc-meets-hilarious adventures of Chase Cooper, who is recruited by a secret society of ninjas at his new school.

Being the leader of a ninja clan isn't easy - especially when half of my ninja clan quit.

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This week started with 'Talk Like a Pirate' day, and it looks like it's going to end with an all-out pirate invasion. The entire school is in danger, and I'm the only one who can save it. Diary of a 6th grade ninja: Rise of the red ninjas It all started when some kid stole my book bag, and set off an avalanche of disaster that turned into the worst week of my life. I'm number one on the school's most-wanted list, and I've just found out about a rival ninja clan- the red ninjas.

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Things are looking bleak, but ninjas never quit Diary of a 6th grade ninja: Scavengers The Scavengers invited me to join their secret club. Turning them down was a bad idea It's election week and I'm trying to help Zoe become president Yeah, my week is packed. Diary of a 6th grade ninja: Spirit Week shenanigans It's Spirit Week, and that means costumes, competitions and chaos. And it's only Monday I've got to step up and win the Spirit Week games or Wyatt's red ninjas will have free rein to take over the school.

But no matter how hard I play, Wyatt keeps beating me. It's gonna take all my ninja skills to get through this week. Diary of a 6th grade ninja: Terror at the talent show I've met Victor, the leader of the Scavengers, and let me tell you - he's not the forgiving type.

The Scavengers are back and they're out to ruin my life again! Time is running out and I have to end this feud with the Scavengers once and for all Diary of a 6th grade ninja: The Scavengers strike back I've met Victor, the leader of the Scavengers, and let me tell you - he's not the forgiving type.