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Although retaining the date , the coins were struck in and , then replaced by a new design in , which lasted until , with three profiles used over the years. The diameter increased to 30mm and Victoria aged a bit, but continued to wear a crown, and side plaited tied back hair. The script took on a decidedly Gothic look, included d.

The reverse still featured the cruciform shields and symbolic flora, but the centre changed to a floriated cross, and the wording was inscribed in Gothic-style letters. The cruciform shields on the reverse were separated by sceptres at the angles, and the Garter Star in the centre, with no indication of the value.

The size decreased slightly to From to the obverse featured a young bust of the Queen with her hair in a bun and the date underneath. The reverse portrayed a shield bearing the Royal Arms, encircled with a laurel wreath, a crown above, and a rose, thistle and shamrock below. The reverse retained the shield, with a garter and decorative ring replacing the laurel wreath, the crown changed to match the obverse, and a small mounted St.

George slaying a dragon went below with the date. In an elderly veiled bust appeared, and the reverse simplified but retained most of the same design features. Double florin: This coin appeared in with the new Jubilee coinage series, and was supposed to encourage the decimalization of the currency. A large silver coin 36 mm in diameter , it was worth one fifth of a pound, or 48 pence. The double florin was unpopular, people preferring the half crown, and issued for circulation only four years, ending in The obverse featured the usual Jubilee profile of the Queen wearing her little crown, mourning veil, jewellery and robe, and the reverse had four crowned cruciform shields representing England x2 , Scotland and Ireland, with sceptres in the angles and the Garter Star in the centre, the date above similar to the Jubilee florin.

The early issues , and had a young profile of the Queen with the date below, and on the reverse a large shield bearing the Royal Arms, crowned and encircled by a laurel wreath, a rose, thistle, and shamrock below. Late in a small issue of 8, coins were struck in the Gothic-style and not meant for circulation the style first appearing to the public on florin , with the Queen wearing her Imperial State Crown and robes, on the reverse was cruciform shields with crowns representing England x2 , Scotland, and Ireland, and a rose, thistle, rose, and shamrock in the angles, the Garter Star centred and trimmed down by the bases bottom points of the shields.

From to a Jubilee coin was struck with the Queen wearing her little mourning crown and veil, jewellery and robe. The reverse portrayed a mounted St. George slaying a dragon with the date below. In an elderly veiled bust appeared on the obverse, the reverse remained unchanged, and was issued every year until The obverse had a young bust with slight variations with the date below up until when the Jubilee bust was used and the date moved to the reverse. The elderly veiled bust started in The reverse sides featured the Royal Arms with the crown changing in to match the obverse, and in St.

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George slaying a dragon, with the date below. The obverse featured a young bust which aged slightly with the date below from to when the Jubilee bust appeared. From to an elderly bust was used. The reverse started off featuring the Royal Arms with a crown and laurel wreath, a rose, thistle and shamrock below, then in changed to St. George slaying a dragon. Gold was shipped from Australia to London annually for the production of coins, and by a mint in Sydney opened, then one in Melbourne , and in Perth The Sydney mint used different dies than the Royal Mint for fifteen years, so the sovereigns from to have greater variations.

Guinea, worth 21 shillings, a gold coin not commonly circulated after , but the term remained in use and was applied to luxury items and the fees paid to professionals and artists. The name came from the Guinea coast which was famous for its gold.

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A painted half penny pendant, a penny with Victoria altered into a fireman, and a heavily enamelled half crown brooch. Chapters Indigo Canada and the Kobo Edition. Fishpond Australia. Krisostomus Estonia. McNally Robinson Canada. And book sellers near you.

Look for this sensational penny dreadful styled cover. Please consider purchasing the adventures from a local independent bookshop. I think the site has an error relating to Victorian shillings. Jim, you are absolutely correct, and thank you for pointing this out. I have amended the information. I find it very odd that parliament decried no shillings for in preparation for decimalization, and yet minted them in and then in , when the florin was supposed to replace the shilling. I found this site very interesting, and informative, found out things I never knew before about the early coins, thankyou.

They may have passed the coins amongst themselves for small purchases. Thank you for the blog. I came here specifically to find out which crown is depicted on the Australian Sovereign and to my delight you mentioned it. To me it looks too square to be a St.

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Edwards but too rounded to be the State crown. Thanks in advance to anybody that can shed some light, and thanks again for the blog. Thank you for your informative and detailed site. I was able to identify 3 x Double Florins I have. You have put in much work. Thank you. This site is wonderful — I wish there was a trustworthy person to sort mine out — but I feel as my Queen Victoria is loose that there is no value.

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This is an incredible work. Thank you for your diligence and sharing generosity. What a treasury! Your email address will not be published. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Half farthings. Threepenny bits.

Fourpenny bits. Half crowns.

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Double florins. Half sovereigns. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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