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Make the campaign witty, useful or thought provoking to help it go viral. Find out the best time to post for your target market so that your campaign hits right at the sweet spot so you can generate more interaction. In the weeks leading up to your new social media campaign, analyze the response to messages sent on different days and times to see when you get the best results. Once you know the best time to launch your content, you will have a better chance of creating a successful social media campaign.

To be successful, you need a budget that will allow you to develop a more robust campaign.

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You may also want to put some money behind a few sponsored posts on the different social media networks you use. For successful social media campaigns, take these tips to heart. The best and most successful social media marketing strategies rely on word of mouth rather than just one or two large influencers. Word of mouth marketing lasts longer, infects more deeply and spreads further than any other type of marketing. Let's Talk Simply because you can find new customers and network with them very effectively.

And unlike some other traditional marketing methods, that does not cost a fortune.

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  8. For this reason too, small businesses are increasingly using the advantages of successful social media marketing. Your social media activities also require a carefully crafted strategy. Not every social media platform is suitable for your business or the set goals. The following list gives you an overview of the most popular networks: based on Hootsuite.

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    Start your selection process with this list. Determine which social media platform s work best for your business. Identifying the characteristics of your target audience is part of every market research. Without this information you can not possibly know how to attract the attention of your desired audience. Identify age, gender, place of residence, average income, and other facts that are important to your business. One of the best ways to successful market research is to create audience personas.

    Marketing on social media is more than just tweeting about your brand from time to time or advertising on Facebook. Without appropriate strategy, you will not achieve optimal results.

    The Social Media Metrics That Really Matter

    For this reason, the percentage of advertising content in all your social media channels should be as low as 20 percent of the content. The remaining 80 percent turn to your customers — interact with them and share relevant content that adds value to them.

    In a study , 67 percent of marketing executives stated that they use visual content in social media because of the engagement effect. Whether images, GIFs and memes or videos: The integration of visual content in your social media posts is relatively simple. Just make sure the visuals are relevant to the content of both the post and your audience.

    1. Unique & varied social media content

    It is tempting to present a brand on as many social networks as possible in order to reach as large a target audience as possible. To dance at too many weddings at the same time, however, brings no real benefits. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Present yourself where your target group is, provide them with added value and you will reap the rewards of your work.

    19 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Business

    If you have carried out market research and created target group personas, you also know which platform s your target group prefers. Focus your efforts on these networks.

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    Share quality content that solves the problems of your audience, makes life easier or entertains them. Always remember the Pareto principle: Most of your social media content should not market your business, but provide added value to your audience. In , users spent an average of minutes per day on social media. Your small business takes your time and attention in many ways — you can not afford to spend more time on social media than you need to.

    5 Secrets for Effective Social Media Management

    Using a social media management solution like Hootsuite can streamline your social media marketing activities and increase your productivity. Here are a few Hootsuite features that will make your life easier:. A prompt response to questions from your target audience will make your brand look more human. If you do not interact with your target audience , you quickly get the impression that you are not interested in their wishes.

    5 Instagram Marketing Secrets Successful Brands Don’t Want You To Know

    And that ultimately has a negative impact on your business. More than 80 percent of all customers expect companies to respond to a social media post within 24 hours. This is the result of a study in In addition, the interaction in social media offers the opportunity to present the unique character of your brand. Of course it is important to share relevant content.