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For fifteen years, he has written as a freelance writer, occasionally doing pieces as interesting as an editorial, but frequently helping to craft professional documents or assisting in the writing of recommendation letters for people who have great praise for friends or colleagues and struggle to phrase it. Sykosa is his debut novel. Subscribe To My Daily Newsletter. Receive the latest interviews and reviews from the film, TV, and writing community!

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I know I gotta start thinking better things about this girl. Her name is Donna. In many ways, I think a lot of our conflict is built on weird stuff that neither one of us really did. I am just so upset because of my mother. It totally would break her heart and we need to shield her from any bad stuff.

High School Life, Oh High School Life: Sykosa by Justin Ordonez

That is so crazy! And Louis, my oldest brother, carries the whole world on his shoulders instead of enjoying his senior year. How can I not risk everything and go after The Bastard for what he did to me and my brothers? She could probably use any support you can give her. Try to be there for her as best as you can, without giving too much away until the time comes…and it will come. Thanks for being there for me, ttyl, Cath. More Posts from this Category. This book was a good read. I finished it in just a matter of days on vacation.

This year, there is a lot of guilt and plenty of scars both visible and emotional to go around. One of the things that made this book so beautiful as the fact that you feel each of Sykosa's emotions. The good, the bad, the ugly, Ordonez does not shy away from any of the emotions. I certainly remember the emotional rollercoaster of being a high school junior.

Junior Year

Ordonez paints a perfect picture. Though beautiful, the book also had its difficult moments. It deals with some fairly explicit nature, issues facing today's high schoolers including sex, rape, and hazing. It's tough stuff, and Ordonez tackles it all with grace. Just do not crack the cover expecting sunshine and rainbows.

Also, the book is a YA novel, but should definitely be reserved for older teenagers, those mature enough to handle the language and the content. Feb 20, Elena ReasonstoRead added it. Something has happened to Sykosa during her sophomore year. She has a troubled best friend Niko, and the story follows her obsession and even 'affection' to Tom.

There are coming-of-age elements to this novel, although, I think more so the most obvious aspect of this novel is that it is RAW, maybe even to the point of being blunt. Sexual terminology is thrown into the mix like nobody' Something has happened to Sykosa during her sophomore year. Sexual terminology is thrown into the mix like nobody's business, it's just the nature of the story. Additionally, though, there is an honesty about the teenage mentality, or the trials and tribulations of a time that is truly significant in the course of our existence. That's deep, maybe deeper than some may like to admit, but the reality of it all is that being a teenager is no easy task.

There are certain aspects of that time in our lives that really impacts us in truly powerful ways. Teenagers are unique individuals, and probably the least understood, possibly why this book may feel controversial to some people. It's raw, it's honest, but somewhere you feel reservations for it because it's possible you fail to understand the extend of what's happening. As a person who has been surrounded by and worked with teenagers, I understand the 'reality' in this book. It's not a novel in some aspects, but a reflection of real life. There are a lot of aspects to the book that can enlighten you about the psychology, mentality, and human spirit of teenagers.

View all 4 comments. Nov 29, Kara-karina added it Shelves: did-not-finish. I don't even want to talk about it. This whole continuous stream of teenage consciousness was way too traumatic. I nearly expired of boredom. DNF, unfortunately. Definitely not for me. Over at Reader's Den , the founder, Tiffany Cole wrote a review for this book which can be found both here at Goodreads and at Reader's Den , and that's how I learned about Sykosa. That, obviously, did not happen. I consider that free. By all rights, this book hit my FREE shelf because of that offer.

But then I needed another ebook to fill the void it left behind. Enter: Sykosa.

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This is her story. This is her life. Sykosa is a junior at the Academy, an Archdiocese-run high school.

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Her clique, called the Queens derogatorily, the Bukkake Queens , is comprised of her influential loyalty to her best friend, Niko, a total wreck of a girl; and Star Sluts 1 through 3; all Asian. She smokes. She meets Tom, the hot guy who saved her, behind the chapel every day. She jerks him off. She's still a virgin. She wants to have sex. She wants to go to Prom. She's special! She and Niko are damaged. She butts heads with her parents.

She has trouble breathing when she realizes the one-year anniversary of the [Blackness]. There is no way of simplifying Sykosa's life. Why is she in the Queens? Why is she friends with Niko? Why did she start smoking? Why does she meet Tom? Why does she want to lose her virginity to him?

This story isn't very linear. It begins at the Prologue, set in Sophomore year.

My Devotional Thoughts | Goddess Fish: "Sykosa" by Justin Ordonez Book Blast

But this is a story about Sykosa in junior year, isn't? Well, really, this is a story about Sykosa's life. From preadolescent "rubbing" with Niko to hiding in the last stall while Donna talks about having gotten raped by Mike Holler. It's all in there somewhere. Especially since the one-year anniversary of the origin of the blackness is coming, at every turn, a backstory lies underneath her days. When Niko3. When that doesn't happen, pretty much all hell breaks loose. All Sykosa really needs to know is if she will find herself in all the broken-loose-hell or just succumb-to-the-blackness.

That's my segue into the usually more critical aspects of the review. I'm not sure what it is, though, because the desultory Sykosa has her teeth so deep into this novel that it's all her. At least, those are my hopes.

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