Guide Using NLP to Enhance Behaviour and Learning: A handbook for teachers

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Goldstein, N. Gorassini, D.

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Hovland, C. Kruglanski, A. Lakoff, G. Pennebaker, J. Perloff, R.

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Pligt, J. Regan, D. Woodsid Van Swol, L. Woodside, A. Zimbardo, P.

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What others say. The course was very well delivered, with the practical exercises giving good examples of how the frameworks could be applied. Wonderful facilitator and full of knowledge. The information I learned will hold me in good stead for my career. Many thanks. The facilitator was great. The presentation was well structured and there were answers for every question. Tutor was great! Extremely engaging content delivery and great at managing the audience.

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Great course! The presenter really knows the stuff and is a great facilitator and trainer. Practical exercises reinforced the theory in the course notes. Venue was great, instructions to get there nice and clear. The lunch completely exceeded expectations A fantastic teacher who made the content easy to understand, and the practical exercises helped to apply it.

Thank you! A fantastic tutor!

Using NLP to enhance behaviour and learning: a handbook for teachers

Very knowledgeable and able to demonstrate the theory and better ways to express your thoughts more effectively. Fantastic course and presenter who provided many practical tools and tips for me to implement straight away at work and at home. It was great that the course was on a Saturday as it would have been difficult to get time off work to attend otherwise.

This course is well worth your time. It provides a great theoretical basis that is well explained and supported by practical methods which are broken down into components that are appropriately practiced during the class and that you can implement immediately. The Tutor has clearly invested time and effort into making this an interesting and appropriate adult learning opportunity which significantly benefits those who attend.

Found the course to be of great value to me and I will be able to apply the principles readily in my work and home life. The tutor was fantastic. I thought they did a great job. Lots of discussion and followed up with relevant videos and the tutor displayed a lot of experience. Although some people seem.

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join the waiting list. Centre for Continuing Education. View Course Times. Explore the human mind. Eleanor Shakiba. Eleanor Shakiba is an expert in social and emotional intelligence. Presenter was amazing.

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Good class size. Excellent content.

Very informative, interesting and useful course. Presenter was very engaging and facilitating. I put into practice the skills I learnt at this course today — and it worked! This was a really enjoyable course — well paced and with a good mix of theory and exercises. The course was well run. There were plenty of practical exercises.

I am interested in attending more as I was pleased with my value for money. The Psychology of Influence Course. Although some people seem Rydges Camperdown. Course added to cart. Checkout now. Westmead Hospital. Related content. Further your learning. The course was fantastic. There were lots of skills that I feel I can apply to my current job and personal life. NLP training is available for business, education and individuals and now widely used.

The mind and body are interconnected so what is thought affects health and actions. NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the s and offers an approach to personal development, psychology and communication. It provides a set of guiding principles for behavior.

It has direct applications in performance, business, education, family, relationships and community as a whole through NLP training and coaching. Add to cart. NLP shows how to effectively model useful strategies to get what is wanted in life by thinking the right thoughts, doing the right actions and managing the emotions. An introductory course to the four modalities held over 2 days with handbook, hands-on activities and take home practice modules.

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Receive certification as a NLP practitioner in this 4 day course with comprehensive manual and follow-up support. Releasing old and negative emotions was the most relaxing and non-invasive way to have therapy. I really enjoyed the homework set and found myself motivated to keep moving forward. GayeLouise is a patient teacher, exuding warmth. I found it easy to trust GayeLouise in working with me, my emotions and my life to move to a more positive and lighter state. I felt energised and lighter.